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“Empowering our community groups,
through revenue sharing programs”
The Right Program, At the Right Time!

The Community Partnership Program, the First Program of its Kind, was created to provide monthly profit sharing & fundraising programs to its community partners, while providing savings to them and their community members on a vast range of products & services.

Whether you are a national organization or a local group, the program offers assistance to faith-based, non-profit, charitable, youth, institutional, and community organizations through its revenue sharing programs.

The Program embraces our country’s cultural and religious diversity and works with people of all backgrounds to better the communities where we live, and provides, products, and services that can help your group expand existing programs and assist your group in funding new ones.
The Community Partnership Program
The Right Program, At the Right Time!
"Empowering our community groups, through monthly profit sharing & fundraising programs"
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"The Community Partnership Program is
designed to produce a "Sustainable" revenue stream for its
Community Partners, while providing savings to their members on
products & services"
Community Partnership Program
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