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Introducing the first program of its kind in the Country, structured for America’s diverse cultural, social, religious, and community groups.  The Program provides a sustainable revenue stream NEVER before available to our faith-based, non-profit, charitable, youth, institutional, and community organizations.

  Every Company has a story to tell. Rather than going into pages and pages of detail, we have prepared an overview of the early investment opportunity as an equity partner and a Power Point presentation, which will allow our potential future equity partners to have a better understanding of this first program of its kind and its growth potential nationally.
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Become a Partner...

  In The First Program of its Kind in the Country...

  The Community Partnership Program proudly presents its Limited Partnership Offering to its Program members, friends, families and Affiliates.  We are eager and excited to be in the final stages of preparation for the national launch of the Community Partnership Program (CPP). The CPP assists in providing “Sustainable Revenue Streams” to non-profit, charities, faith and community based organizations through a variety of online revenue sharing platforms and programs. Take advantage now of this early opportunity to participate and become an equity partner in The Community Partnership Program -- the first of its kind in the Country. As you consider getting involved for our National Launch, we ask that carefully consider the following statistics.
Did You Know...

  Our Market is limitless...

  In the U.S., at this time there are 1,569,572 tax-exempt organizations.  There are in excess of 1,000,000 community groups and over 500,000 religious congregations in the United States.  This is our market and these are our community organizations and future Community Partnership Members.  We look forward to making a huge difference in the lives of all who become involved with the Community Partnership Program.
Who Can Become Involved...

  An Investment For All Americans...

Individuals and Families
Individuals & Family Trusts
Existing Program Members
New Program Members
Faith Based Organizations
Community Based Organizations
Youth Groups
First Come, First Served...

  The Opportunity Window...

  This offering will close upon all the Private Placement Limited Partnership Offering Shares have been purchased. Hurry to secure this solid investment in your future, family, and community.  For those of you that have your funds in retirement accounts, the Community Partnership Program, through our Investment & Financial Divisions, have structured Self Directed Individual Retirement Account Programs, with Registered Transfer Agents so that you can control your own Retirement Investment(s).

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"The Community Partnership Program is
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