Our Mission

  To further this vision, The Community Partnership Program has assembled a National team of talented, highly qualified individuals and companies who share the same philosophy.

  We will not only design and build homes, but renovate existing homes and buildings which will provide quality, affordable housing. We will work closely with local planning and building officials to achieve these goals in every area we reach.

  The result will be vibrant communities that represent a healthy environment for families and a restored tax base so vital to a thriving city as well as the social programs it can foster.

Our Guiding Principles

  The Community Partnership Program adopted guiding principles that are used in the planning and development of affordable homes in every area we influence.

•  The Community Partnership Program will focus on developing home ownership.
•  The Community Partnership Program will participate in lease-to-own developments,
        and provide the required management services that are needed.
•  The Community Partnership Program will focus on building quality housing that
        serves the needs of households with low to medium incomes.
•  Whenever possible, the Community Partnership Program housing will be located on
        existing infrastructure and near essential services, such as schools, churches,
        medical facilities, public transportation and retail areas.
•  The Community Partnership Program will collaborate with private, public and
        non-profit partners in fulfilling its mission.
•  The Community Partnership Program is fully committed to the long term quality and
        affordability of the housing it creates.

Building Vibrant Communities

  To implement this National Urban Redevelopment Program, the Community Partnership Program plans to join with local and national non-profit organizations and work with government-sponsored programs, aimed at stimulating new investments in urban areas. We will build and renovate millions of dollars in homes and buildings in urban areas on a continual basis. But, the project goes far beyond the building of homes. The plan we propose, with the help of community churches, non-profit organizations and governments, will build lives as well. It is an ambitious plan, but properly executed, it will result in a win-win situation for all.

The Challenge

  The challenge that lies before us entails much more than simply building houses. The scope of the project encompasses building lives.

  The people who make up the work crews will be trained in the facilities of the community's non-profit organizations and on the job. They will learn carpentry, plumbing, electrical and other building skills. They will also have the knowledge needed to purchase and maintain a home.

  Besides the more obvious trade skills, they will learn "softer skills". They will learn to work with others. They will learn to become valuable members of their communities.

  They will take an active part in their communities, rebuilding and renovating homes and buildings that warrant it and demolishing old houses that have become obsolete and even dangerous. They will become champions of the elderly as they help those who cannot help themselves in the restoration of their once-proud homes.

  They will change the face of each community they touch, instituting regular clean-up programs, and building neighborhood parks and playscapes. And they will build their own self-worth and, therefore, pride along the way.

  Those who show an early aptitude will be hired to build and renovate the homes discussed earlier in this proposal.

  They will need materials, of course. And the churches, non-profit, secular organizations and the Community Partnership Program will team up to help offer what is needed through our Community Programs.

•  A continual and generous flow of funds to churches and secular, non-profit                        organizations in the community.
•  An opportunity for these churches and organizations to help influence the lives of              unemployed and under-educated youth, and turn them into productive members of             their communities.
•  A vibrant and rebuilt community tax base.
•  An energetic, cohesive community.
•  And, of course, a return on investment for the Community Partnership Program.

Our Community Program

  The Community Partnership Program, One of the first of its kind in the Country, is structured to provide a revenue stream that has never been available to our faith-based, non-profit, charitable, youth, institutional, and community organizations before.

  The revenue stream can be utilized in the furtherance of the organizations mission to include program expansions of every type, i.e. housing, education, life skills, emergency shelters, etc., but will also help fund new programs.

  Through networking with our affiliated companies, the Community Partnership Program has established a membership program that provides deep discounts on home building products and home accessories. Such discounts will be comparable to wholesale pricing at best and will be competitive or even lower than those offered by major warehouse-style retailers.

  In addition to these discount prices, the participating faith and community based non-profits will further benefit from revenue sharing. A portion of the revenue will be distributed, on a monthly basis, to the participating non-profits and, where applicable, an additional percentage will be earmarked for the parent or national organizations.

In Summary

  The plan we have outlined is ambitious to be sure. But the task at hand calls for an ambitious plan.

  The Community Partnership Program Plan is a partnership that offers well-deserved financial benefits to the churches and non-profit, secular organizations of the area, while providing them with a means of reaching out to those who need help the most. It affords them a means of influencing young lives in a way that will last a life time.

  It is a plan that can help fund the vital programs of the communities, non-profits and church organizations.

  It's a plan that serves the elderly and the youth in equal measure. It's a plan for all Americans regardless of race . . . creed . . . or national origin.

  The Community Partnership Program has put together a team of people and companies experienced in designing, renovating and building homes, in securing government funding and in managing the complete project.


  It's an experienced team, with the ability to plan, finance, design and rebuild urban communities. But, the most important element of all . . . IT WILL HELP BUILD LIVES!!

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